Facebook for Small Business

Investing some time and effort into marketing using Facebook is well worth it. The difference between using social networking for marketing purposes and traditional advertising is the relationship you make with your clients and customers. Feedback and direct communication can be rewarding personally and financially. On a limited budget and with a little more than an hour per week, you can be building a steady fan base and be well on your way to using Facebook as a promotional tool. Make sure to consult the resources available about how to promote your business on Facebook. Just be sure to follow the principles that are outlined. Because of the “real-time” nature of Facebook and the potential power it has, you need to plan your marketing strategy carefully.


How can Facebook help with Local Area Marketing? Here’s a few pointers:
Link your Facebook site to local groups/friends to help spread the word. If you only have personal Facebook page list your business on there. You can also set up a business page and link it to your personal page. Facebook allows you to promote your business through many different ways, do some exploring @ www.facebook.com

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