Are you ready for Christmas?

There is only a few days left until Christmas. If you’re in retail then your probably gearing up for the busiest time of the year. If your marketing campaigns are not in place then your probably too late!

BUT you can give your customers a great Christmas experience by offering them fantastic customer service. It’s a stressful time but going over and above to make sure your customers have a pleasant stress free shopping or service experience can go along way to gaining a customer for life and selling more stock.

Here’s 3 simple ideas:

Staff Levels - Make sure you have enough of the right staff at key times to serve customers.
Small Gifts – Give every customer a Candy Cane. I was in a shop with my daughter on Saturday and the shop assistant gave her one, she loved it and it kept me browsing for another 15 minutes – great idea!
Add on Sell – make sure your staff are asking every customer if they want something else with their purchase. Right now customers will be willing to spend a little more – so go for it.

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